It’s my Time

I have noticed of late how time seems to be moving faster and I seem to be moving slower. I try to schedule my time wisely knowing what I have to get done and the set amount of time I have to get it done. Both are passing by so quickly I am not able to get half of what I need to get done–done.

Why does this happen? I don’t remember my childhood being this busy or my teen years either.  I had quite the set of school activities, etc. yet Life moved at a slower pace. As I have grown older I have noticed more and more that people in general are busier than they have ever been. Maybe, it is because there are more opportunities for doing things. We all have more access to go and do more than we ever have before.  Certainly, everyone I have talked to recently have told me how busy things have been for them, and in my own life I find this to be true also. Does it ever end?

I heard a quote the other day from a friend. “Life is like a coin. Once you spend it,  it is gone. You are the only one who can spend it so spend it wisely.” We are all given the same amount of life or time. 24 hours in a given day is all that we have. We are the ones who decide how to spend the time we have been given. This really puts the phrase, “my time,” in a new perspective. Are we really this busy because we want to be, or are there some things we could say “no” to doing? I know there are in every one’s lives nonnegotiables like work, sleep, meal time, family, and last but certainly not least the things of God. These things take up a major portion of our time, but we need to focus on all these things.

The Bible does say, “Redeem the time because the days are evil.”  Are we focusing to much on the things that are not nonnegotiable? Are there things that we are doing that we should back off of to focus on things that last forever? This is something we all need to examine in our own life.  It might be time to grab the clock and take some time to examine why we are so busy.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, and I hope I haven’t taken up to much of your time. 🙂

10 thoughts on “It’s my Time

  1. I have been thinking on this topic lately, especially since we have had some major changes in our family. I have been considering the important things…you know, spending time with your family and friends and really having the time to spend on them. I have packed so much “stuff” in my life, I haven’t had the opportunity to really experience the people around me….until now….and I really like the feeling it brings…an overall sense of peace. I am looking forward (in the very near future) to experiencing this feeling on a very regular basis!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)

  2. Hi Amy,

    Are you writing about me again? Thats why I’m broke today cause I recklessly didn’t spend my time and money the way I should have ?
    I’m thankful for God’s blessings and proud of Him for not giving up on me !
    How is Glen doing ?

    Blessings and see you Sunday hopefully .

  3. Christy, I am glad to hear of all the changes in your family. I know it was something prayed long and hard over. We rejoice with you over your good, good news.

    Ron,I am glad He hasn’t given up on me either no matter how often I fail. Glen is doing much better. Thank you for asking about him. It has been a very long 10 days. Have a great day.

  4. Oh, time, where does it go? Now that I’m no longer working and have more time, I regret that people can’t be retired first and raise their families and then go to work. I don’t know how it would be financed…maybe BHO or HRC have an answer. (Just kidding)

  5. There are probably always things that waste our time – things where we could focus on other things that are more of a priority or have a life-lasting impact. But I also think that we each have to discover this for ourselves – knowing that life is but a vapor is revealed to each of us at our own pace and time. We may never fully comprehend it until eternity.

  6. Dionna, Thanks so much for stopping by. It is a personal choice we all have to make–how to spend our time. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Blessings.

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  8. Amy,
    I hear you! Papa has been speaking to me about how I spend my time too. He used wasps to grab my heart…I wrote about it on my blog. You might have seen it when you visited my blog. By the way thanks for dropping by! Papa is stirring things up inside me to find the way that leads to life.

    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  9. Don’t get me started, sigh. It seems like there just is not enough time for everything. Most of the things coming at us are not even our fires, but they need our attention! It has not only thrown me out of my routine, but left me with a list of things needing to be done and each time I think I finally can get around to it….. nope.

    I know I have to make some changes and set priorities. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I know, it will. I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me! 🙂

    God’s Grace.

  10. Julie, Welcome to Byway Blessings. Thank you for stopping by. I did read the article you mentioned. God has been dealing with me also on how to take advantage of the time he has blessed me with. God bless and come back anytime.

    Corry, I share your frustration. I understand how difficult it is to keep priorities straight. We do have a big God ready and willing to help. You are right though He is our strength. God bless.

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