About Me

Welcome to Byway Blessings!

I’m so glad you stopped in to visit me. My name is Amy Cloud and I live in a small South Georgia town of Camilla.  I am a pastor’s wife to husband, Gordon, who is currently serving as Senior pastor at First Baptist Church Camilla. I have two awesome sons, Clay (21) who is currently serving as Senior Pastor at Hopeful Baptist Church in Hopeful, GA. (Yes, this is indeed a real place!) and Glen (20) who is working, serving Jesus, and waiting for the next step. I just recently began a new job at a General Contracting Business running their office. I enjoy writing, sewing, drawing, and crafts.

I would like to share my life with you, and all the things I have learned and experienced while walking this road called life. The Lord has taught me so many things along the way. Sometimes trials and hardships have darkened my path. At other times, sunshine, joy, and peace have be my companion. Yet, whether in sunshine or darkness,  I have found the Lord’s blessings to be overwhelming. For this very reason, I named my blog “Byway Blessings”. I want to thank you for taking the the time to stop in and visit with me for a few moments. I would love to get to know you while we walk along life’s road.

My goal for this blog is to encourage others and uplift the name of Christ, remembering that life is a journey and we need to enjoy the trip.

You can contact me at acloud818@gmail.com.