I’ll Think About It Tomorrow

Scarlet O’Hara from the famous book, “Gone with the Wind”, is a very intriguing individual. She has been quoted numerous times, and been embedded in our culture to such a degree that by quoting her people know immediately who you are talking about. Now I must point out that while Scarlet is one we all can relate to from time to time, most of us do not want to be like her on a daily basis. She is rather self-centered and wants her own way even at the expense of others. (Maybe I am more like her than I would like to admit 🙂 ) Moving On!

One of her more famous quotes is “I’ll think about that tomorrow!” I find myself on several occasions adopting this philosophy. If I have something to do that is not exactly pleasant, I have the urge to put it off because “tomorrow is another day”.   I think that is one of the reasons Monday is a dreaded day. We begin the work week on Monday. We often put off starting that diet on Monday. (Isn’t is amazing that the first three letters of the word “diet” is “die”.)  I think I’ll start my exercise program on Monday. Monday has gotten a bad reputation of late because of all the things that are put off till then. How much better my life would be if I would fail in the area of procrastination. By taking the unpleasant things and doing them right away instead of putting them off till tomorrow would definitely improve my life then the dreaded wouldn’t be dreaded anymore.

I am so glad that our Lord did not put off the unpleasant and painful things. In Phillippians 2:8, we read, “And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.”  Christ chose to do what was needed at the time. He did not wait or negotiate with the Father. He submitted humbly and immediately to the will of the Father.  How often when I put things off I am filled with pride and disobedience? Is this a pattern that I need to break in my life?  I pray that when situations come I will submit to the Father’s will like Jesus did and not put off the unpleasantness for another day. I never associated procrastination with pride and disobedience before. Yet, when I wait on what I should do by doing what I want to do instead, I am acting in pride. I am saying that what I want is more important.

In Philippians 2:9, the next verse, we find that God exalted Jesus when He humbled himself and was obedient. I can’t help but think God will deepen our walk with Him and raise us to new heights when we follow and submit to Him as Jesus did.  I know in our life there are things that grab our attention and there are things and actions beyond our control. Our children’s and families’ needs should come first, but may we not follow our own will when we must follow the Father’s. He knows us exclusively and understands. Let us take these situations to Him for guidance.

I pray in my own life that while I may quote Miss Scarlet, I do not adapt my life to her life’s philosophy. When I think I should read God’s Word, I will take the time right then. If my child has a need, I will do all I can to take care of it immediately. I will start my diet and exercise today. I will write a new blog post and share what God has done for me today. Wait, I already did that! 🙂

I could write another one, then again “I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

10 thoughts on “I’ll Think About It Tomorrow

  1. “I’ll think about that tomorrow” Wow these are some powerful words…I am so glad God doesn’t use them on us!!

    Amy you are a beautiful daughter and He wants the very best for you! Live right smack dab in the center of His love and promises for you…its a great place to be!

    Love to you and prayers up to Him!

  2. Hey, Amy! Thanks so much for your sweet commetn on my blog! I decied to visit yours and wow! I loved this post. This part…”I never associated procrastination with pride and disobedience before. Yet, when I wait on what I should do by doing what I want to do instead, I am acting in pride. I am saying that what I want is more important.” really touched my heart! I so procrastinate,and I never thought about it being driven by pride and disobendience. Sister, you have given me much to ponder and pray about. Thank you!!

    I also read your previous post–great job! Taking your health as a priority is so important. It’s a journey…a health journey. Diets don’t work, but making choices about your health and how to attain good health do. I just encourage you, sweet friend, to watch portions and to get moving when you can. Exercise has to be a priority. Right now, I would rather go shopping!!!, but I need to exercise because I haven’t done that yet today. I only have a small chunck of time before my boys get home from school, so, I need to get myself moving. 🙂 YOu go, girl! Keep me posted!!


  3. Nicole, I’m with you. I’m glad He doesn’t put me off until later. Thanks for your sweet comment and the prayers. I always need them. Blessings.

    Susan, Welcome to Byway Blessings. I am so glad you stopped by. God is working on me in this area also. I have been praying a lot that He will reshape me on the inside. I want to be more like Him every day.
    Thanks for the encouragement on the health issue also. My husband and I are going to the gym in our town and “moving, moving”. I have been putting into practice portion control, tuning in to my hunger/full reflex, and praying often. He is my strength. Before long I hope to be reshaped on the outside too. 🙂 Blessings to you today.

  4. Great post! I am not a procrastinator, but I sometimes get my priorities turned around. I am glad to hear you are still continuing on your journey to better heath. Remember it is a marathon not a sprint!

  5. My, oh, my! How those “I’ll think about that tomorrow”s pile up…quickly! I am a bit of a procrastinator myself. You sure are good at stepping on these prideful toes of mine! 🙂 Seriously, though, I really do appreciate how you are able to see where pride is one of the root issues.

    Thank you for your wisdom and honesty! I need both!
    🙂 K

  6. Toni, I appreciate the encouragement. Priorities have a way of shifting if we don’t watch them carefully. Blessings.

    Kimberly, I only try to step on my own first. I do try to be a “no respecter” of toes. lol. Thanks for your comment. Blessings.

  7. Hi, Amy,
    What a thought-provoking post. My motto has always been, unfortunately, “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.”
    I, too, am glad that God did not think that way.

    Your posts are wonderful…worthy of publishing!

  8. Thank you for coming over to my blog. Praying for me is pushing me on and I thank you. This journey is scary but I will follow Gods path. Your support is welcomed.

  9. Cindy, welcome to Byway Blessings. I am so glad you stopped by. We all need prayers. I know I do and it is the least and best thing I can do for my sisters in Christ. Blessings to you today. 🙂

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