Where Is Your Focus?

I experienced the most wonderful opportunity this last Friday evening. A sister church in our area, Pine Level Baptist Church in Cairo, GA,  had a “Ladies Night Out”. They served to us a beautiful dinner and the Program presented was such a wonderful blessing to me. Two of the Pine Level Ladies presented dramatic monologues and the Ladies Ensemble from the First Baptist Church in Bainbridge, GA ministered in song.  Donna Lott and Patti Appling presented the “Painted Parable”. This is a truly unique ministry. While Donna delivers a wonderful message/parable, Patti paints a picture to illustrate the message. The spirit of the Lord is on these ladies. They live in North GA above Atlanta. The evening was full of blessing after blessing.

My heart was especially stirred when Donna shared a particular problem in her life and how God lead her to a book by Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth Bell Graham. Mrs. Graham when faced with adversity ran to God and her Bible. God showed Mrs. Graham that she was focusing on the problem she was facing and the adversity rather than focusing on the promises of God. I felt in good company because over the last few weeks, I have been struggling with a problem of my own and all I could see was the problem.  I failed to focus on the promises of God’s Word. How often do we all continue to struggle with something when the answer is right in front of us? (more than I would care to admit, thank you 🙂 )  In the midst of my struggle God showed me the answer I needed. He said, “Run to the word, my child, run to the word!!! Focus on my promises not on the problem!!!”   Peace flooded my soul. Believe it or not, but my problem in all of this was not really the problem. IT WAS MY FOCUS.  God showed me that peace is available in Him when I focus on His promises and not the problems of this life. Who would have thought you can have peace and a problem at the same time.  We all have problems that we face every day. The problems can clutter our mind and drag us low if we let it. By focusing on the promises we can experience the presence of God right beside us, holding our hand and whispering His sweet promises in our ear.

 “And being fully persuaded, that what he had promised, he was able also to perform.”  ~Romans 4:21

8 thoughts on “Where Is Your Focus?

  1. In this world today it is very hard to keep our hearts and minds focused on Him and His Word. There is so much to detract us, even well-meaning “Christian” stuff.

    I remember hearing Elizabeth Elliot speak once. Someone asked her how she dealt with her grief when her husband was martyred. It was in the days before all the books on death and dying. Her answer was simple. She said, “I found my comfort in going to the Scriptures.”

    Other people asked questions and advice, and her answers were always from the Scripture, not what someone had said. She spoke volumes to me that day.

  2. Hi Amy,

    It is hard to keep focus on things because we have so many things happen that sometimes its almost impossible to focus ! I know that if you practice communicating with God on a regular basis it becomes as part of your life and many don’t realize what they are missing ! Just like right now as I am typing my thoughts are on one of them DQ-Dillybar’s ?

    Blessings and see you Sunday .

  3. One of the things I say to Jesus is:
    “Jesus when my gaze turns away from you, take my face in your hands and turn me back to see Your eyes.”

    It is hard not to see what is going on around us….

    Thanks for sharing your heart!

  4. Amy,
    I understand what you are saying here—I have found myself at times focusing on a problem instead of the reality of Christ dwelling within me. It is very easy to follow that problem or even expect someone or something to save you, therefore putting your faith in that person or circumstance. Trusting Jesus and walking with Him in all things and at all times is the only way to find the peace and contentment that we seek.

    Sounds like you had a very encouraging evening with the ladies 🙂 I was especially interested in the “painting parable”–I’d love to hear more about their ministry.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  5. Beverly, We do have some great heroes of the faith to look up to who had a wonderful testimony of God’s grace. Thank you so much for sharing about your experience.

    Ron, As long as we keep God as our focus, we will be a-o.k. You just had to mention the D.Q. didn’t you! I feel I am becoming distracted. lol. Have a great day!

    Julie, That is a wonderful illustration. When my kids were small I did that to them so they would hear what I was saying to them. Sometimes when we are not looking, we fail to listen as we should.
    You are right in saying it is hard to keep our focus with all that is going on around us. I pray that I keep my neck relaxed so if God does need to turn my face it can be done gently without struggle on my part. Thanks for commenting.

    Jadasgigi, My heart was uplifted. He is a great God who is there when we need Him most. Great to “see” you.

    Christy, These ladies are truly touched by God. I am not sure if they have a website or not, but they do have information on their ministry. I will try to send you either some links or a way to contact them for information if you wish. It is by far one of the most powerful things I have seen in quite some time.
    P.S. Thank you for sending the photos on your little hope giver. She is a doll. I’m praying that all continues to go well in the adoption process.

  6. Amy, always a battle with that dark world around us. greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world, though. sometimes folks want to take our problems away from us when God sends them to bring us closer to Him. selahV

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