Blog Updates

In my visiting around the blogosphere, I have found a number of blogs that have been an encouragement to me. I would like to share them with you so you can be uplifted and encouraged also.

Hey all you parents! I have known bluecollarparent for a number of years. He has some wonderful resources for parents and has had much training in this area. His site is a valuable resource for you to take advantage of. I know if you have any questions; He is more than ready to answer because he has a passion for parents and children growing in the Lord. His wife, Kelley, I have known since the third grade and she is a dear friend. She has a wonderful voice and ministers in song on a regular basis. She and her husband have a son with autism and they have an amazing testimony of God’s love and grace in their life.

Another wonderful site for Moms is  Dionna Sanchez’s Emphasis on Moms. She has encouraging words for mom’s who want to raise their  children in a way that will glorify God. She is very open about her journey as a mom and you will be uplifted and encouraged by her.

I have just met Kitty at Kitty’s Kronicle  in the last month and I find myself at her blog regularly. She has a lovely writing style and is one who is truly seeking God to lead her life. She shares a variety of topics and I have enjoyed her perspective. This site is truly a blessing.

My brother-in-law has a unique way of viewing the world and has a way of stating his views in a fresh way. Nephos  is one you will definitely want to visit. He is currently pastoring  in Virginia.  I don’t just say this because we are related.  He really is a great brother-in-law. 

My father-in-law is a wonderful preacher who has been in the ministry for a long time. He has a vast amount of knowledge from studying the scriptures and you will be blessed by what you read at Palms of Victory.

What can I say about Bro. Ron? He is my very good buddy. Ron Jackson has a way of story telling that you will enjoy. He is a member of our church and I have found him to be a genuine person and a good friend.

I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have.

8 thoughts on “Blog Updates

  1. Thanks for them kind words Amy! You’ll have to wait untill the 2nd of march before I can pay for the advertisement? Thats when I get paid again! Blessings and wishing you a good week! Ron.

  2. Thanks so much Amy. I am so humbled to read your kind comments about my blog. May the Lord bless you as your continue to encourage others through your lovely blog too! 🙂

  3. Amy,
    Thanks for sharing these…there are some that I have not visited before. It is always nice to find new blogs to read.(like I need something else to read!) Each one of these blogs are very encouraging…thanks!

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