Surprise, Surprise!

Have you ever thought that you knew something for a certainty only to have it be totally different than what you thought? Surely you have experienced this wonderful thing called, “Surprise”. Let me explain my latest “surprise” moment.


If you have read my blog for any length of time, you will know that we have quite the cat population dwelling among us. We have had a lot of success when it comes to producing a small herd only to give them away before the next herd comes along. Marshmallow, the mother of all cats in this neck of the woods, had a litter of several and we kept one of the boy cats whom we affectionately call Mocha. Then, with the last litter we kept another boy cat who we call Tom rounding out our kittys to a nice manageable number. Last week we noticed that once again Marshmallow was looking fuller than usual. Here we go again. On Saturday morning, Glen, our youngest, came running in and said he found 4 kittens on the porch. Marshmallow came running up also looking her usual thin self. Wow! We fixed up a bed for them and made them nice and cozy. I went back inside to cook breakfast. In a few minutes, Glen came back in and shouted, “Mocha is laying down with the kittens and trying to feed them! That is so weird.” Weird indeed.  Our sweet little boy cat is actually a sweet little girl cat. Mocha (pictured above) is a new mommy! When the realization set in, I realized that we have 7 cats that we know of, and probably some more that Marshmallow has had at another location. Our cat explosion has reached new heights. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

So often in our lives, we are caught by surprise when we least expect it. Our lives are turned upside down by circumstances. How we choose to react to these surprising moments show us what we are made of! Abraham had quite a few surprises in his life. First, Abraham was called by God to follow Him to a place where Abraham did not know where he was going. (Genesis 12)  Later, God told Abraham that he was to have a son in his old age with his wife who was beyond the childbearing years. (Genesis 21)  After that, God asked Abraham to take his beloved son of promise up a mountain and sacrifice him to God. (Genesis 22)   In each instance, Abraham showed us his character in following God, but Abraham also showed us a great faith in the one who had created him. Though we are often surprised by the events that take place in our lives, God is never taken by surprise. He has a divine plan for each of us. God takes us to places we never expected to go in order to teach us.  God will show to us the most amazing things when we simply follow His leading as Abraham did. In these times when God surprises us with something He does, may the strength of our character be revealed to us and may our faith in a great God be seen by those around us.

Hey, anybody want a kitten? Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling and surprise the one you love the most!!!! 🙂  (Just Kidding!)

16 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise!

  1. Amy,
    Thanks for visiting and your sweet words. They always bless me.
    I’m sorry you had a rough day today. I am glad Papa God used words from my blog to bless you.

    You are a blessings,

  2. Hi Amy,
    I’m new in this site and still have to learn a lot:)
    This morning when I read your new post I really interested and thanks for writing this, it’s really a blessing for me.
    These days are very difficult times for me. I’m waiting the result from my doctor, and the worst possibility is cancer. I know GOD is always with me, but these times I really really need prayers support from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. All I need is faith, to wholeheartedly trust HIS perfect plan for my life.

  3. I’m smiling as I read your post here. What I’ve gathered from Gordon’s blog in earlier days is that he is not crazy about cats. If I had 9.95, I’d send for one.

    I’d love to have a couple of cats, but with my going to Virginia as often as I do to see Ella, it wouldn’t be fair to the cats.

    Don’t you spay and neuter up there?

    I never did leave a comment on your post about your family, but I did read it. Your sons are so handsome! Fine looking young men indeed.

  4. Adelina, Welcome to Byway Blessings. I am so glad you stopped by. I will certainly be praying for you. Waiting is one of the hardest things we have to do sometimes. I pray that the Lord will be near to you during this time and give you peace. God bless you dear sister.

    Beverly, Cats are not Gordon’s favorites, but he puts up with them for my sake. He actually is a fan of Tom. They get along well.
    We do the deed up here, but it is one of those things that keeps getting put off. I will be taking care of this shortly.
    Thanks also for your comment about my boys, and I did catch the reference about our area. I sure have enjoyed getting to know you through our blogs. It is nice to make new friends. Blessings.

  5. What a cute post! 🙂 He he – surprise surprise huh? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words. I really enjoyed my visit here. Very handsome boys you have by the way! Aren’t boys so much fun?

  6. Toni, Mocha is the gray cat pictured above. Marshmallow is a white cat with gray markings. When marshmallow was born she was so small and totally white. Glen, my youngest, said she looked like a “marshmallow”, and the name stuck. I have had her for several years. I can see where things got confusing for you. Boy was I confused the other day trying to figure out why my boy cat was trying to feed another cat’s kittens. Hehe. 🙂 The joke was definitely on me. I’m glad you got a laugh out of it.

    Wendi, Welcome to Byway Blessings. Surprise has been my word for the week! 🙂 I am so glad you stopped by. Boys are too much fun. I have surely enjoyed mine. They are a blessing every day to me. Come back anytime!

  7. Wow! Congratulations on your expanding cat population. Though my girls would just LOVE for you to ship us one, I do believe we’ll pass! hee hee

    What peace there is in knowing that God is never surprised! Of course, that doesn’t keep me from occassionally slipping into panic mode, but then He sweetly reminds me to be anxious for nothing. (He has to remind me a lot sometimes!)

    Blessings, sweet Amy!

  8. Thanks, Kimberly. I am with you on being the first one in the family to hit the panic button. I am so thankful that God is patient with me, and his reminders are gentle. Glad you could stop by. Blessings.

  9. Nephos, “Fricasseed cat?” I don’t think so. Have you been talking to someone in my family? Hmmmmm. 🙂

    I really enjoyed your post on “The Greenway”. Tell Lynn and the boys I said, “Hi!”

  10. Haha, I know this too well, only we thought we had a girl cat. It turned out to be a boy. No problem there, except… how do you change the name Ruth to a boy’s name??

    It became Ruthless (which he was) and slowly turned into Rufus. 🙂

    No doubt our oldest would love to have one of the kittens.

    God’s Grace.

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