Remembering Mama…

I love the spring of the year. It is a time of flowers, sunshine and the time that reminds me most of my mother. Today was her birthday. She would have been 73.

 My mom and dad married in their late twenties, and my sister was born when my mom was 30. Due to a problem, they did not think they could have any more children. Guess who came 8 years later? Me.

As I grew up, she was the one I went to when I had a problem. She was the one who talked with me about Jesus. She was a stay at home mom until I was in the 3rd grade. I began attending a Christian school so she applied for a job there and began teaching. We were so close. My sister went to college when I was ten, so we had those years where every day was spent together till dad came home. The times were sweet and full of fun. My mom was one who loved to have fun.  She passed the craziness on to me. I remember when I had a camera and I wanted to take some pictures to get used to it. She was cooking and I told her to smile. Instead she struck a pose and poured a can of peas into a pot and hollered, “Peas with Flair.” There were a million times just like this one.

She was diagnosed with cancer in December of 1989 and went to be with the Lord  April 6, 1990. It is hard to believe that it has been 17 years since then. I miss her so much even now. The pain of her passing has gone, but I miss the fun times together. I would love to share my husband and my children with her. She would have loved them so much. She would love the antics of my kids and I can imagine how she and Gordon would laugh and tell jokes together. I would love to share with her how much I have grown and matured in these last 17 years. I think she would have been proud of me.

Not long after her passing a dear friend sent me a card with this quote, “Something is never lost when you know where it is.”  I know where my mama is today. She is sitting at the feet of Jesus talking with him and worshipping him.  She shared her testimony of salvation with many people. I know several kids in the school came to Christ because of her witnessing to them. I know she is spending time with our relatives who have gone before her and since then. What a party in the clouds we will have when the Lord returns.

Today, I just wanted to remember her and share her with you.

Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints.  –Psalm 116:15

18 thoughts on “Remembering Mama…

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thank you for sharing your mother with us. What a beautiful (and touching) testimony. I can tell she was a wonderful mother just through the person you are.

    The hope we have as Christians is so comforting. We will be reunited with all our loved ones one day, Lord haste the day! What’s just as comforting is that the Lord has blessed you with your own children, and it’s now your turn to tell them all about Jesus. I am sure you also tell them of what wonderful grandmother they have waiting up for them in Heaven.

    Thank you again for opening your heart. May the Lord comfort your soul.

    In Christ,

  2. Amy that is a real good tribute to your mother? I believe she already knows about your life on earth and is very pleased ! Blessings to you and may God continue pouring His Grace out to you? Ron.

  3. So hard not having her around, I know..and I can’t even imagine life without my you may have read on a recent blog post of mine…but He covers us doesn’t He? Thank you for remembering her to us.

  4. Sarah, Thank you for your kind words. The hope we have in Him can uphold us when we need it. Every opportunity I have to tell my boys about God and their grandmother I do.

    Ron, I appreciate your thoughts as always.

    Corry and Janice, thank you so much for the hugs. You can never have to many. 🙂

    Kitty, She did indeed have a great testimony. Thank you for coming by.

    Jadagigi, It has been hard. Some times are harder than others, but always the Lord has been my comfort. I know he has wept with me because he knows what it is like to lose someone he loved very much. I read about your mother on your blog, and I know you cherish your time together.

    Vicki, Thank you for visiting, and thank you for the hugs as well. Our memories are sweet and will be with us till we meet them again.

  5. Your mom was an awesome person…I can tell by your love and devotion to her. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to call my mom and tell her I love her and I appreciate her now…..


  6. Bill, Welcome to my blog. Thank you also for your kind words. She was awesome.

    Dana, It’s good to “see” you. I hope things are going better for you this week. I’ve been praying for you.

  7. Amy,
    It is great for you to remember the times you had with your mother. Those were wonderful times, and you will have more in glory.
    My mother is still living, but my wife’s mother went to be with Jesus in October of 1998, and I know my wife misses her, and I do too. In the last five years or so of her life she had joined our church, and I was her pastor. She was such a joy to have living near us too.
    God bless you Amy.

  8. What a dear post, Amy. Knowing where one is is a comfort, but it doesn’t take away the sting. My daddy died when I was 22. I had been away in college, so I really hadn’t been home much since I was 18. That was hard. My husband died almost 5 years ago, when my own children were 25 and 23. I feel like I missed so much not knowing my father as an adult. My children are missing that too.
    As the years go by, the pain does go away, but it’s never completely gone, is it. Such precious memories you have though. It’s nice that you got to be the “only” child for a while when your sister was away at school.

  9. Hi, Amy,
    Been a while since I checked in. I loved your mama. She was an awesome woman of God and so much fun! Us girls preferred sleepovers at your house just because we knew your mama and daddy were such a joy to be around (even when we were teenagers). Whenever I envision “Mrs. Brown” I see a smile and I hear a soft voice that was full of authority as a teacher and full of compassion always. The memory of her is so easy to keep because every time I am with you – it’s like being with your mama. The older you get the more like her you become, and what an honor to feel blessed by that kind of a compliment. She has to be proud of you, and I know she can’t wait for us all to be together in Glory!
    Love Ya,

  10. Beverly, Thank you so much for coming by. The pain never completely goes away, but we have a wonderful Comforter when it hurts more than usual. God bless you.

    Kelley, Thank you for the beautiful compliment. Your friendship means so much to me. 🙂

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