I’m Back… I think!

The Last two years of my life have been ones of constant change. I would think I was finally getting my life back on an even keel when another event would propel me into a new area of upheaval. Though all of these things I am so glad that I serve a God that does not change. He lovingly picks up the pieces when I feel my world is falling apart again, and reminds me that I am his child, and He is working all things for my good. My faith has been strengthened because He does have the world in His very capable hands.

My little blog here has felt the effects of this time in my life. I wanted so badly to keep up with everything, but when certain things had to be let go for sanity sake unfortunately this was the area that was forsaken. I do not want to make a lot of promises about how I will post every day or week because I don’t want to make a promise and not follow through. So for all my sweet readers, I will say that I am going to try my best to post more often. Yes, I know I have said this before, but I really feel like I can stay that now with more certainty than before. As we all know, life is constantly changing. It takes a flexible gal to keep up sometimes. Some of my very best days have been blogging, and sharing with the new friends I have met here. I have always loved writing, and I feel like I have been missing an opportunity to be all that God wants me to be. Lately, He has let the creative juices flow, and revealed some ways to reach beyond myself to others. So with God’s constant help, I will press on.

With life in constant change, I have learned that you really can’t do it all. As I have been talking with some dear friends, they too have been overwhelmed by daily life, and are prioritizing their lives to make room for the things that really matter. My boys and I quote a TV personality’s line to each other when we are starting to “freak out” and need to refocus, “I am going to tell you one word ‘letitgo’.” You may reply that’s 3 words, but it’s not the way we say it. 🙂 Sometimes only one word can put things back into perspective. It’s kind of silly, but it does seem to help. There are always things that can be let go. We need to follow God’s leading to know what those things are, but He will guide us if we seek Him. Just remember you don’t have to handle everything yourself. God’s shoulders are wide, and His arms are strong to carry your burdens, and if push comes to shove, He can carry you too.

Hang in there, dear friends. Life will change, and most often when you least expect it. In these times, Hold on to the rock of your Salvation, your Healer, your Guide, your Friend that sticks closer than a brother, your deliever, Jesus! He is all you need.

Blessings to you!!!

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