Guilty or Grateful?

Okay, friends! It is confession time. I know you haven’t heard from me in a while, but the fact of the matter is lately I have been overwhelmed with guilt, not for the things that I have done, instead for all the things I have not done. For instance, I am racking myself with guilt for not writing here more often. My son is about to leave the nest for the summer so I am kicking myself for not doing more with him before he goes into camp life as a staffer. I feel guilty for the pounds that I have gained over the last few years. I would love to say this is the first time this has happened to me, but I can’t. Through my life I have often lamented all the things left undone rather than celebrating the things I have done. Call me a pessimist if you will or a gal that looks at the glass half empty, yet I must admit, I have found my reality. Yesterday, The Lord showed me it is once again time to change my thinking.

Guilt can be a powerful weapon that the enemy can use to discourage us. When we make a good choice the enemy whispers, “Yeah, good one, but look at all the choices you made yesterday!” When we spend time with our loved ones the enemy reminds us, “Girl, you sure should have said or done that differently!” He uses guilt to tie us down to the point where we go through survival mode from day-to-day.  I heard somewhere this mindset was called “stinkin’ thinkin’ “. You may ask how do I break this roller coaster of guilt.  The key to stopping this lock down is to begin celebrating what is rather than what is not. I think we need to confess our weakness to God and ask Him to help us to develop an “attitude of gratitude”.

This is our truth. God wants us to be grateful. “Count Your Blessings” was a song I grew up singing. In the business of life, I often forget to count my blessings and focus on the guilt. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 reads, “In everything give thanks…” God can show us something to be thankful for in everything we face. Think about all the Psalms that focus on thankfulness. Psalms 105:1, Psalms 106:1, and Psalms 107:1 all begin by giving thanks to the Lord. We need to recognize that the mind can be a powerful weapon against us or a blessing of thanks to encourage us. It remains in us whether we will live in a state of victory or defeat. We need to stop feeling guilty for our size whatever it is and be grateful we are God’s, and we are beautiful to Him. We need to stop agonizing over what we said or did yesterday, and celebrate the wonderful people God has given us to love. We need to focus on God’s Word and how much He has blessed us with every day. Remember, we are human. We are going to make mistakes. We are not going to do everything perfectly every time. Only God is divine. God will help us in our weakness if we realize that He has the strength and the power to break the guilt that is holding us down. Remember Job? He began every day giving thanks to the Lord, even on the day when He seemingly lost it all, however, God was with Job and restored all he had lost. Job’s cry was “blessed be the name of the Lord”. Step out with God and choose to be grateful. It is the first step!

Dear Lord, My heart’s prayer is that you help me to be grateful for You and all You have done for me. Help me when I lean toward guilt rather than gratefulness. Help me to guard my heart and my mind. Bring these verses to my mind when I am about to falter. I love you, Lord. I am grateful for my salvation, and the ones you have given me to serve. Thank you my precious Father! Amen

4 thoughts on “Guilty or Grateful?

  1. You have such an insight and I thank you so much for reminding us that we do need to be grateful. Love to you

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