My New Normal

Sometimes your world gets turned upside down! Have you been there? I began back in October with the intention of posting a regular post here on my little blog. Looking back on things I realized that almost 9 months have passed. In October of 2015, My world did indeed turn upside down. I felt as if the devil was coming after me in all areas of my life. My husband and I began to experience crisis in our church in which he had been the senior pastor for the last 14 years. Also, in my work situation I was having some problems with a coworker. In January and February, I began to have some physical problems which resulted in surgery and a time of recovery. As the situation in our church intensified, My husband felt lead to resign and step out in faith not knowing where we would be going or what we would be doing.  We put our stuff in storage, moved in with his family for a while. His last day of preaching, May 23rd, was a good day although he felt a little under the weather. On Monday, May 24th, he experienced a major health issue, septic shock, which kept him in the hospital for 11 days, 3 1/2 of those in Cardiac ICU. Though the grace and mercy of God, not to mention the prayers of people all over the world, he came through and is doing better. We were able to bring him home and he had 14 days of iv antibiotics under home health care. He was able to get in the pulpit for the first time in a month. God is so good. Praise Him for He is faithful!

When you walk the valley, every day of the journey is an exercise in finding God in the individual moment. A few days ago, I told my husband, “We have no normal anymore, every day we are finding a new normal!” I know it may sound strange, but when life takes you from day by day, to hour by hour, then minute by minute you may have reached the point where you have no “normal” anymore. I can say that in every moment of this valley we have been in has brought about a change in  my heart. God sometimes has to take us through the dark places so he can show us we only need Him and His light to light the way. You may be walking in a valley of your own. Let me encourage you to stay close to your Heavenly Father. Let Him guide you. Also, you need to get in His Word and hang on to his promises. Find his sweet peace, and let Him guide you through. Your “new normal” will be a sweet refuge in the arms of Father God. What a wonderful normal to experience!

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