A Month in a Whirlwind

Greetings! I just can’t believe how fast the month of October has flown by. I had many good intentions as well as thoughts to share with you, but alas my good intentions did not quite meet my opportunity. My month began with health issues which then collided with fall break and a camping trip that moved into Church activities, hunting season for my men, and another part-time job for me. Needless  to say, Life once again took the wheel, and My little corner here was shoved to the back seat.  I have been tired and so weary with everything. I do realize that when you are not feeling well it is a prime opportunity for our humanness to get in our way. I wish that I could say that I stayed on top of everything and I was upbeat throughout it all not letting my circumstances affect me in the slightest way. Unfortunately, I did not. I did try to focus on the good the Lord was allowing me to be a part of . I will say, also, that in the midst of the whirlwind blowing me to and fro, God has been there with me.

I am reminded of Elijah. He was on the run from a wicked woman, when God lead him to a cave to strengthen up. God fed him and took care of him. (I Kings 19)   He was weary, tired and felt so alone in the task of doing God’s work. He was in fact feeling sorry for himself ( Been there and done that). God had Elijah stand on the mount and sent before him a great wind, an earthquake and a great fire, yet God was not in these things. God spoke to Elijah in a quiet moment with a gentle voice. Though the world around him was shaking and seemingly being torn apart by several different things, Elijah heard God in a still small voice. God talked to him, and while getting Elijah to recognize where he was and what he was doing, God encouraged him in the journey that he was about to take.  In the verses to follow this story, we also see God gave him some help in the person of Elisha. Even though at times we might feel alone in our journey, God is always there, and many times sends us someone to encourage and uplift us as we step out in faith again following Him.

So as one Whirlwind, may have passed for the moment, there will be more ahead.  As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, I know that God will continue to hold my hand no matter what may come across my path. I am thankful that God is a powerful ally. Be encouraged, dear friend, He will never leave us. Strength for the journey is available in Christ. So as you face the whirlwinds around you, be sure to take a quiet moment and listen for His voice. It is the sweetest sound in the world.

One thought on “A Month in a Whirlwind

  1. Hi Amy,
    hope ya are feeling better,
    lets face it , you are human, and being all sunshine, ya got to have some rainy days in there ! 🙂

    how are the guys doing with the hunting, my DH has taking up bow hunting .
    (don’t tell him I said this) but I think the deer’s are making fun of him.

    take care

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