Savior, Save Me!

My radio, tuned to my favorite Gospel station, was blaring as I was fast tracking down the road headed for home.  I contemplated the conversation I had with my dear friend just moments ago. We were sharing what was taking place in our daily lives when the conversation turned to our spiritual walk, and the struggles we were facing.  When the song on the radio came bursting through my thoughts, “Savior, save me!” I didn’t catch the whole song, but I heard enough. The writer of the song lamented his predicament of not being what God wanted him to be, and how he needed the help of His Heavenly Father once again.  The words were just what I needed in that moment. I needed someone to “Save Me.”

I do want to clarify something for those who are just finding me here, or have not followed this blog for very long. As a child, I called on the Lord to save my soul. I asked him to forgive me of my sins and make me over brand new. I knew that I could not enter into heaven without first admitting that I needed Jesus to forgive me of my sin, and to believe that his sacrifice was the only way my sin could be covered. I accepted Jesus and His sacrifice for me.  This is how I could be made right with God.  God saved my soul that day, and I give Him all the praise!

Even after becoming a Christian, there are still times when I am weak, and I need the strength of someone greater than myself. I need God. I need Him in such a desperate way that my only cry is ” Savior, Save Me”.  Daily I struggle with circumstances I can’t control. Whether it be health issues, personal issues, etc. It sometimes is so hard just to put one foot in front of another to deal with the day-to-day grind. In the past few years, I felt very keenly that I had been going through a season of testing. I felt so weak some days.  It was in this place that I needed my Savior to come to me and minister to me in my need.  He showed me once again that  He has the power to save me in the trials before me. Does Jesus always take the trial away? The answer is “No”, but He has promised to go through the trials with us.  He has been and continues to be my Savior. He lifted me up, and revealed to me his “ever-present help in time of trouble.”

There are also time  when I am overwhelmed with circumstances of my own making.  I have taken on to many things, or let my “to do” list grow to the point where it is unreasonable to assume that even half  of it will get done in one day.  I often get weighed down with the things of this world to the point where I can barely function. It is in these times that I need God to save me again. I run to Him to save me from myself. I am so thankful that God is always there to welcome me with open arms and to save me once again.  I pray with all that is in me that I never forget that my Savior is as close as the mention of His name.

A verse in the Bible that has helped me in my dark days is “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I. ”  Perhaps, you find yourself in a place where you need God to step in, and save you today. I want to offer to you that God is there. We have a Savior who is ready to save us from circumstances, situations, or even ourselves. He is as close as “Savior, Save Me.” Reach out to Him today.

7 thoughts on “Savior, Save Me!

  1. Amy, I am learning moment by moment how to live out this life of “Jesus in Julie”. To think that my life is now hidden in Christ … at times, it just overwhelms me. I no longer live but Christ now lives in me. Astounding when I consider… I am comforted to know that Paul took glory in his weakness because he realized that when he was weak he saw the strength that was truly in him… Jesus. When I need, it opens my world up to my reality… Christ is in me, the all encompassing God of the universe is in me… I didn’t just receive forgiveness I received all of Him. I just can’t get over it…..

    I was so blessed to see your comment today on my new blog. You’ve been hanging around with me for a long time and I cannot tell you how much it blesses me!

  2. Pam, Love you too, Girl. Glad you liked my post!

    Thanks, jel. I’m glad you like the new Byway. Have a great day.

    Julie, The blessings of God overwhelm me too. To know that he sees the best and worst of me and chooses to love and work on me anyway is humbling to me. I have been in and mostly out of the blog world for the last couple of years, but as God brings us through the seasons of our life, I trust Him to know what is best for me. You have been a long time friend, I thank God for the encourager you have been to me over the years. May God continue to bless you.

  3. We are all such needy people…thank God when we realize just How needy we really are! Good to hear from you again. Hope your family is doing well!

  4. Jadasgigi, So glad you stopped by. We are needy. I am blessed in that God chooses me anyway. The family is doing well, and hopefully more posts will arrive soon. Blessings to you.

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