Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

We are taught as girls to be fearless.

 Throughout my young life when confronted with a foe, Well meaning adults told me not to let things bother me. “Put on a happy face,” or “Don’t be so sensitive” and the like were pounded into my brain. Without meaning to, these adults were telling me to hide my real emotions. Be Fearless! was their cry. In the midst of this I began to hide the “real me” behind a rosy cheek and a sweet smile.  The mask of “Everything is  Ok” was put firmly in place and the real me began to build a wall to protect my sensitive heart. Did these people want was best for me? I think that they did. Perhaps, you were in the same situation that I found myself in. To be honest, young girls can say ugly and even hateful things to you and laugh it off as if it is your fault if you took it the wrong way. Self protection lessons were taught to us by loving people who were looking out for our good and hoping that we would learn to be strong through the situation. So in confrontation we learned to suffer in silence and bury the fear we felt. On the outside we were fearless, but on the inside we were determined to hide our emotions and tears. This way of dealing with hurt followed us into womanhood.

Imagine what it would be like to be sitting in the middle of a crowd of women. A fearless soul steps to the microphone and announces, “If you are ready for us to see the real you, would you please stand up?” How many would jump to their feet and make their way to the mike? I sense that it would probably be one of those awkward moments where everyone is waiting for everyone else to stand up, and inwardly thinking, ” No way, not me!” Fear strikes hard and courage flees.

“How can I show you the real me?” The real me is something you don’t want to see. My mistakes and failures are many.  I fall short of what God would have me to be so often. My regrets overwhelm me and I am lacking in the good things you think you know about me. I am so weak and frail, yet in all of my weakness there is someone who knows the real me best. God knows every heartache, tear, and emotion that surrounds me every day. God sees my humanness, and loves me with a great love. He reaches out and holds my face in His nail-scarred hands and whispers, “I know you! I know your faults, and how needy and frail you really are. I also know your heart and when you lean on me in utter dependence how fear of failure can be overcome. By yourself  you are lacking, but with me you have everything you need to break through the fear. My love for you is infinite and nothing you can do or say will make me love you less than I do in this moment. I freely give to you a hope, a peace, and a future.”

God through His Word tells us, “But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in trespasses and sins hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved:) ~Ephesians 2:4,5    A beautiful truth is revealed when God’s love is realized and experienced. 1 John 4:18 reads, “There is no fear in love for perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not make perfect in love.”   I am sure we have all felt fear tormenting us at times. Fear causes us to shut down and pull our “masks” firmly back in place. Fear can cripple us ,and push the “Real me” further back behind the walls we have built up over our insecurities. However, When we truly look at God, we can experience His perfect Love. Only then, can we become a person that is willing to share a portion of their inner self (the real me) with others.

As you experience the love of God today, ask Him to help you to open your heart to those around you and see a glimpse of the real you coupled with the love of God that shines through you. Will you dare to be fearless today and rely on His perfect love? Remember with God it is possible and probable to be fearless.

It is time for fear to take a seat and let the Real Me stand up. Are you up for the challenge today?

11 thoughts on “Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?

  1. Whoa, girl! now you’re into meddling…lol.
    oooo, the real me. yikes. who is that nut anyway?

    She’s as fearless as a rabbit beneath the blueberry bush, just ready to jump into the open and hop to safety on the other side of the meadow and dart into the brambles at the first sign of trouble. hee hee. I’m such a woose. I feel so brave and have no problem till confronted with the ire of another or a snitty sarcastic remark back to me in my effort of exercising the “real me”. Then when that happens, I am like a box turtle sitting next to the little rabbit. I snap shut and say, “oooooKAY…have at it world. You don’t need ME hee, hee.” I’ll just join that slithering little greensnake and wiggle on outta here.

    so…that is the real me. then the Lord gets hold of me and says, go…tell…write…be what I’ve called you to be…where I have placed you..be it in the daisy-peppered meadowlands, or the weeds of bramble bushes. and sooner or later I venture out again. and wait…carefully…then settle down and enjoy the blessings of just being me. free…without a care in the world. or so the world would think…

    thanks for stirring my muse, my friend. I really think that bunny is a lot like me.

    oh, and sooo grateful my post fed you a bit as you nibbled in my neck of the woods today. see ya soon. loving you and praying God does big things for you today. selahV
    btw way, if this goes through it is the 6th time I posted it. ha ha. wordpress keeps giving me a message saying “whoops”

  2. Amy,

    I found your blog from selahV’s. 🙂

    OH MY! I so enjoyed this post.

    I have done a few on my blog about “mean girls”, “sticks and stones” and “sensitive”.

    For that very purpose it speaks VOLUMES too me. However, it is a blessing when you see other women share the struggle and are willing to fess up. That’s how we learn, we grow, we see other’s faith in action and life transformations.

    I am a person who has also experienced a transformed life through Christ…I hope to be able to “stand up” more often. I’m working on it everyday. I remind myself I’m standing up for Jesus, cause I wouldn’t be where I am without Him!

    Bless you girl!! LOVED IT!

  3. Hey girl! nice to see you posting again! I love Ephesians! I am so thankful He loves us just the way we are and once our lives are exchanged for His, the real us is filled with the real Him. He makes so much beauty out of the mess inside each of us, if we can only trust Him to shine from within out into our world.

  4. Hey, SelahV. Thanks for checking on me, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. So sorry you had trouble getting it to post. Maybe it’s issues have been resolved.

    Jamie, Welcome to Byway Blessings. I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit. God is constantly working on me every day. Stop in and chat anytime.

    Jadasgigi, I’ts good to be back. I hope you and your family are doing well. I pray that God continues to use this “Jesus”girl. Blessings.

    SelahV, Thanks for stopping by. I’ve had a bad flareup of diverticulitis. I had to go the the doctor and get some help. I am some better today. Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Amy, gollee, girl, that is awful. it can be totally crippling. can’t hardly move or breathe. have you been tested for gluten allergies? it can cause the diverticulitis to flare worse. Praying for you. bless your heart. selahV

  6. Great post. Finding out exactly who the ‘real me’ is has been my journey for the last few years. I had so many masks I wore that I didn’t know which was real and which was fake.

    But then I trusted Him to tend to my brokeness and had a better understanding of His Grace and that changed everything. Slowly I am walking my journey out and each step I take leaves me free to be me.

    Thank you for your encouragement on my blog.

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