Blooms of Summer

About 3 months ago, I was walking around the church where I work helping a member find something she had lost when I came upon two peace lilies in the corner that had been forgotten. One of them was turning brown and wilted and the other one was in slightly worse shape. The dear lady I was with asked me to toss them or if I wanted to try to bring them back to their green status, I was more than happy to try and put them in my office. I have never had a particularly green thumb but I decided to try because I always thought peace lilies were so pretty when they bloom. I kept them in the room next to my office and began to water them and have them where they could get some sun. Believe it or not they begin to perk up. I was so very excited the day I moved them into my office.  The deep green of the lilies added some nice contrast to the tan walls and I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Even though I have taken good care of them, I had yet to see any blooms on either plant and it had me concerned. Aren’t plants supposed to bloom in the spring? I wondered if they would ever bloom. As I started my work day this morning, I notice a small white flower opening up. In its own time, it brought forth a beautiful white lily.

I am reminded that God’s hands are on the plants as well as on people. How we grow and develop are in His hands. I get so impatient sometimes wanting things to move and grow on my time table.  In our churches we want those who are visiting to join. We want those that are asking questions to make decisions for Christ. In my hurry, I need to remember that if we do our part God’s way the timing of it all will be perfect. In the New testament, there are verses that describe this process so well when it tells us how some planted the seed, some watered the seed, but God gave the increase. God takes all of us where we are and cultivates us into the Christians He would have us to be.

For a while it seemed like things were on hold in our church. We could sense God moving, yet I could not see any visible changes. Then over the last month an explosion of things were happening. People were being saved. God moved dramatically in our Vacation Bible School. Folks were joining the church and getting involved. Though there were struggles, God was bringing the increase. It was in His Perfect time.

I don’t know what you are going through in your life today. Maybe you are struggling and wondering if God is even hearing your prayers.  You want things to happen right now and you feel like the blooms of spring are a long time in coming. Don’t give up hope. Keep planting the seed, keep watering, let God move in on His time table, and be amazed at the blooms of Summer.

12 thoughts on “Blooms of Summer

  1. I have some peace lilies that I was given when my husband died. I’m not a gardener either, and a couple of them appear to be almost dead. I repotted them, watered them, and now they are beginning to show life again.

    I needed your post today. You have such a ownderful application.

  2. So glad I read this it speaks to many areas that are concerning my heart. I find hope in Him, knowing that His hands are working out the beautiful details in each situation to reveal a beautiful finished product!

  3. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. I was planning on posting earlier, but I have been very sick for the last two weeks. The doctors have narrowed it down to an inflammed colon. Please keep me in your prayers as I am continuing to work with them. Hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Until then know that my thoughts are with you.

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