Me and My Big Mouth

Some of my earliest recollections of family fun were sitting around the dining room table playing board games.  Monopoly, Clue, Go to the Head of the Class, Connect Four were just a few of the many that we played as a family, my Dad, Mom, Sister and me.  Being the youngest, with my sister 8 years older, I was not often on the winning side. 

 I was so thrilled when I got the “Big Mouth” game as a birthday present.  Finally, I thought that this was my ticket.  For those of you who are not familiar with this game it was a plastic green globe looking thing with large wiggle eyes, a big orange mouth and a pink tongue. This was attached to four long plastic arms that were flat with a place at the end to propel small pieces at Big Mouth. When you turned it on the globe would revolve around, opening and shutting, while you were desperately trying to fling objects into its “Big Mouth”.  At the end of the first round, I once again was on the side that did not win.  In frustration I remember saying, “If only this “Big Mouth” would open his mouth at the right time, I would have won.

How often do we open our mouth at the wrong time?

How often do we lose when we do?

Now I know, I probably could have gone all day without saying that! 🙂   Yet In Proverbs 13:3, we read, “He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.”  These are powerful words.  How quickly by opening our mouth destruction can and often does occur.  A friendship, a marriage, or a testimony can all be destroyed by opening a big mouth.  Something that has taken a lifetime to build can be wiped out in a moment. 

Many times we feel that God has called us to straighten out all of the people in our life and we use our words to do just that. I have heard some say, “Well, I spoke the truth to this person.”  We need to be careful. The Bible says to speak the truth, but speak it in love.  To often I think when speaking to others we have a lot of truth, and a little love.  In Proverbs 21:32, we read, “Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue, keepeth his soul from troubles.”  I want to live a life without causing myself more trouble. I pray that when I speak I will speak with love considering others rather than myself.

“If the ‘Big Mouth’ would open his mouth at the right time, I would win.”

If we did the same, we would all win!

7 thoughts on “Me and My Big Mouth

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  2. ya know, the last 2 times I have come over to say hi, and I find ya talking about me, first it was my temper, now its my big mouth, I is be being to think you don’t like me! 😦

    don’t ya know I’m just razzing ya 😉
    ya know I don’t talk that much, but when I do I stick my foot in it!


  3. Jel, You know how much I like you. 🙂 Just think of me as a postman. I just deliever it; I don’t address it. To many times I’ve had tread marks on my tongue also. I just keep on trying and praying.
    Great to “see” you!!!

  4. Hi Amy,
    I’m like Janice ,you didn’t have to write a post about me and do it so graciously ?

    I like a lot of people have had to learn Proverbs 21:32 and how to put it to good use ? I’m proud of the progress I have made !


  5. Beverly, Thanks for coming by.

    Ron, Thanks. I am happy for the progress you have made too. God has been working in my life in this area also. It’s great to “see” you

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