Ya’ll Come Back Now!

Every now and then you realize that you have come full circle. You find yourself at the exact same place where you years ago, yet you have a new perspective or out look on the situation at which you find yourself.  In the words of a great, humble philosopher, I have experienced de’ja vu.

This last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to see my nephew, Walter, graduate from High School. He graduated from Temple Christian School in Palatka, Fl. Walter graduated college prepatory and his graduating class had only 2 students. He is planning on going into the National Guard and making a career of the Army.  He scored high on the entrance tests that he took when he enlisted which indicated that he can eventually go to officer’s school.  I am so proud of him. He has grown up to be a fine, christian young man.  He has great hopes and dreams. He is a great kid.

Again as I ramble you might want to know where the de’ja vu comes from now. Walter graduated from the same school that my sister and I did.  He is actually the “first” second-generation graduate of the school. As I was sitting in the auditorium waiting for the graduation services to start, I had the weird feeling that something was oddly familiar.  I walked down the same aisle 19 years ago. Yikes! did I say 19? It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I watched as former classmates and teachers came in the auditorium. Some had changed little and some a lot. Some had the same smiling faces I remember back then. I saw my best friend who I have been friends with since the 3rd grade. Her kids go to school there also. The pastor and principal of the school was the same with the exception of a few gray hairs. He treated me the same as he always had with a joke and a smile. Bro. Ed Wilds just loved to give me a hard time in school.  I guess I provided him with much amusement over the years. 

I would venture to say this is a little of what others feel like when face with a high school reunion.  There was a “whopping” 8 in my graduating class.  We could meet for supper at the Golden Corral if I knew where any of them were, but as time passed I lost track of them.  We all go back home from time to time, but this was different.  I began to look at my life from different angles trying to find perspective on what I have accomplished within the last 19 years.  Most graduates write down or tell others what they plan to accomplish with their life. I even have my speech I gave at my graduation. (Who was that girl anyway?)

Tragedies, turn of events, college,  and/or career can change us into the person we are today. The things that happen in our lives can be accepted positivity or negatively. Life can mold and shape us beyond what we can think or even imagine, yet there are a few constants that we can hold on to.

  • I have a God who is faithful.
  • I have a God who loves me.
  • I have a God who hears me when I call.
  • I have a God who is everything I will ever need.
  • I have a God who is always there no matter how far I go from home.  

These are my constants.  I can rely on them.  I think that girl back then is still apart of me today. The one who feels deeply and loves to have fun.  I have have definitely learned a lot since 1988, and I am glad.  God is still teaching me today, as he did back then. He is teaching me today that I need to look back and cherish the memories, but don’t stay there long. I have a great amount of things that need my attention today.  I need to remember he has plan for me to do at this time in my life. Cling to my constants. Have hope and look for Christ’s coming. Cram today full of all that God has for me to do.

We all may have the opportunity to go back and remember how far we have come. It’s a part of life. I may even get to experience de’ja vu all over again. 🙂  My niece graduates in few years. Yikes for me again!  It doesn’t make any difference how far I go from time to time I will hear the echoes of  those beloved folks….

Ya’ll come back now … Ya hear!

11 thoughts on “Ya’ll Come Back Now!

  1. hi Amy,
    glad ya had a good time,
    Glad, you have good memories, of your school years

    we had 114 kid in our SR”79″ class, and i don’t like to go back to them days.

    anyway hope ya had a good day!

  2. Hi Amy! I find that really neat. I am glad you were able to rejoice in your nephew, and soon you will with your niece too. It’s such a blessing holding a Christian education.

    It’s such a joy that the Lord has been your constant all those years. May it be likewise for your nephew and niece!

  3. Yes. Life is a cycle, and a series of stages. It is true for me too that deja-vu does become a feeling, especially when I do almost “re-live” past experiences through experiencing things again from a new p[erspective with my children, relatives, and friends. But, I am not sure that your beliefs are something I would call constraints, aren’t they more the solid basis that the rest of life revolves around? Much more liberating than constraining?

  4. Very well written, Amy.
    I can understand the feelings you experienced. I had the same feelings when I went back to the elementary school that I attended. Everything looked much smaller than it did when I was in Kindergarten!
    Isn’t it awesome to know that we have those constants in our lives? God’s love doesn’t change–what a peaceful thought.

  5. Amy good post about memories [ these ain’t painful ! ] just good old memories that you can keep all your life ! I think your constants should be everybodys de’ja vu on a daily basis ! BTW thanks for the new word to me [de’ja vu] cause I had to get out my old dictionary to make sure what it meant ? I was halfway right when I thought it meant a good old reunion with our past experiences . Blessings. Ron.

  6. jel, I did have a lot of good memories. It was kind of like fish. Enjoy the fish and spit out the bones. lol. Have a good day.

    Sarah, We did have a good time and I enjoyed seeing my friends and family. I agree that a Christian education is a blessing. The Lord has been there to lean on at all times. Thanks for coming by.

    Steve, welcome to Byway Blessings. I am glad you came by. As our lives continue to change, God is the one thing that does not change. He is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. This is the basis/foundation on which I stand. It is liberating to be his child and to rest in Him. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You are welcome anytime.

    Vicki, In the world we live in it is a comfort to know God never changes. As things have been up and down at your house lately, I have been praying that the Lord will be that comfort to you this week. We are continuing to pray for your husband as well. Blessings!

    Christy, Some things looked smaller for me too. I began attending this school in the third grade. It’s amazing how your perspective changes as you grow older. Thanks for your encouragement also. I appreciate you , my “buddy”! 🙂

    rrbj, I have an amazing amount of memories from school when you don’t have as many kids in the school as a public one you tend to be in the midst of things all the time. I have quite a few stories to share. I may share some of them soon. You’re welcome on the word. I have to look up words in the dictionary quite often. I keep one handy if the boys ask me what something means and I don’t know. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  7. sounds like you had an interesting visit..:) I think my neighbors nephews went there…small world…yes, thank God for the constants…and the new challenges of life…He is always the same..yet ever new…

  8. This is such a good post. It is wonderful to have the Christian heritage that you have. Looking back is good, especially when the memories are sweet. I’ve been going through “stuff” and many sweet memories come to me…memories that I will take with me. But as you said, here we are today, and we’re making memories for our children and grandchildren. May they be sweet as well.

  9. jadasgigi, Although it was a short visit, It was a good one. I enjoyed spending time with the family. Thanks for stopping by.

    Audrey, welcome to Byway Blessings! We will definitely continue praying.

    Beverly, I have many sweet memories. He is also giving me good memories with my children also. God is good.

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