Grab the Broom 2

 Spiders and I have an understanding in our household. We do not co-exist. I have shouted out a warning in my home to all spiders. If you show your creepy, crawly little bodies, I am going to grab my broom, shoe, newspaper, or anything handy and whack the fire out of you. 

Hopefully we have all grabbed our brooms and have acknowledged “the spider”.  We  are now ready to continue the “Spring Cleaning” process of our hearts.

Step one was to acknowledge our sin. We are to look at it from God’s perspective, his point of view. We have identified the sin that it is against God. Now we need to confess it and forsake it as it says to do in  1 John 1:9.  Now here is the point where we might have the tendency to push the spider toward the front door rather then whack it over the head with our broom.  What I mean by this is we throw out a general prayer, “Lord, forgive me of all my sins.” Throughout the Bible, God is specific in naming sin. He tells us what it is, and not to do it. I think he wants us to be specific with Him as well. Why else would He go to all the trouble to name all of the sins he wants us to avoid?

Let me clarify, we do not need to go around aloud telling everyone we meet about each sin we have ever committed. Instead for our own benefit, We need to be specific with naming our sin to God.  This is not so He will know which sin we are talking about. He knows all things. Being specific is part of the acknowledging process.

It also causes us to be humble before God.  Pride can get in the way of our being specific with our sin.  We start to look at it saying, “This sin is really not as bad as I thought”, or “There are a lot more sins that are worse than this one.” In 2 Corinthians 10:12, we read, “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” We must squash pride right away by telling God exactly what sin we have committed and ask for forgiveness.

God is always ready to forgive anyone who comes humbly to Him and follows his steps of cleansing.  He is faithful to forgive. We do not need to push our sin around or try to cover it up.

We need to grab the Broom and whack it on the head!

11 thoughts on “Grab the Broom 2

  1. Amy I like the idea of spring cleaning but for me I have to spring clean all year ! I don’t get along to good with the spiders either but all the good ones deserve our mercy and the bad and poison ones I break my broom over ? I kinda compare them with good people and bad people ! Blessings and see you Sunday ! Ron.

  2. More good doctrine from the Preacher’s wife! 😉

    Amy these are great points concerning humility and specific repentance. I think it impossible to keep a proud heart when we enumerate the sin that God reveals in it.

  3. Amy I want to wish you a pleasant Mom’s Day ? See you in the morning at church first then take the afternoon off let Bro. Gordon take over Mom’s duty ? Blessings. Ron.

  4. I hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day, Amy!

    My motto is: the only good spider is a dead one! hehe.
    As for the “spring-cleaning”, a sin is a sin and we can’t justify by comparing it to others. It remains a sin. Great post, sister. They all are! 🙂

    God’s Grace.

  5. Ron, I usually don’t take the time to find out if they are poisonous or not. They don’t last that long. Like I told you before, Spiders and I have an understanding. lol Thanks also for the Mother’s Day greetings.

    KC, I agree. When I look at my sin like God does, my proud heart melts away. To often in life we want to compare ourselves to others rather than the perfect measuring stick, Jesus Christ. Thank you for stopping by. Gordon told me you wished me a happy Mother’s Day. Thanks 🙂

    Thank you, Christy. I hope you have a happy one as well.

    Corry, you are right. We shouldn’t try to justify our sin. I saw a good evidence of this on Survivor: Figi last night.
    Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes. I hope you had a happy day also.
    Bro. Ron wanted me to wait till I found out if the spider was poisonous or not before I whacked it. I usually check this after it is a greasy spot. lol.

  6. Amy,
    Great article. I, like you, hate spiders, and I don’t use the word ‘hate’ lightly either. I was bitten by a brown recluse last July, and I was ill from it for about a month.
    I don’t like any spider. When and if i see them, they die.
    The point you make on dealing with sin is an excellent one. Would that we all dealt with sin the way we do with spiders. I feel pretty much the same way with snakes.

  7. I love the analogy of using the broom to kill the spiders. I’m sort of like Brother Ron. I appreciate the good ones. Whenever I’ve seen a big one in my house, I usually leave him alone because I know he’ll eat bugs.

    Thanks for stopping by. I think in my mother’s childhood she lived in MacClenny for a while. I know she lived in a logging camp in Scanlon in a box car. How I wish I knew more about that.

  8. Bro. Tim, Sorry about your spider bite. I have heard those kind can be extremely dangerous. I am glad you are ok. Snakes and I also have an understanding. I will have to blog about them soon. Thanks for the visit. 🙂

    Beverly, My mom’s maiden name was Harvey. I still have several relatives living in the area. It was a wonderful place to visit as a child. I just love the country. There are so many more things I would like to know about my mother’s family also. Thanks for sharing.

    Dionna, You have been an encouragement to me. I know you are going through alot in the past months. You are in my prayers.

    Jel, Thanks so much. You’ve done it again. It’s beautiful.

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