Grab The Broom

With the best of intentions a gentlemen in a week of revival services came to the alter. The first night he prayed out loud, “Lord, remove the cobwebs of sin in my life.” On the next night, he prayed again out loud, “Lord, remove the cobwebs of sin in my life.” On the third and fourth night, he prayed the same prayer. On the fifth night after his prayer, the pastor stood up and exclaimed, “Lord, forget the cobwebs! Grab a broom and kill the spider!”

When we begin the “spring cleaning” and “decluttering” process in our heart and life, we may come across unconfessed sin that we have failed to confess and forsake.   We often treat the sin in our life the same way this gentleman did? We try to find a way to treat the symptoms of our sin rather than to attack the sin itself.

We find numerous Scriptures in the Bible calling on us to “be holy as he is holy”. I know that I can not do this apart from Christ it is only through Him that I can accomplish anything, yet he calls me to be clean before him. This is something I can do. When I sin, he has shown me in his Word the steps I must take to be clean. 

The first step is to acknowledge the sin we have committed. Psalm 51:3 reads, “For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me.” David is at the point where the conviction of his sin is causing him to focus on it so much he can’t get away from it. Does our sin bother us like David’s sin bothered him?  If it doesn’t, this could be an indication that we are focusing on the symptoms rather than the sin. 

Do we really look at our sin the way that God does? To often we want to call our sin a mistake,a slip up, or even a lapse in judgment rather than a sin. We need to remember our sin is something that goes against the very nature of God.  Jesus came and suffered and died for the very sins we want to excuse or ignore in our life. It is time to call sin what it is and confess it and forsake it as we are told to do in  1 John 1:9. The Bible says in 1 John that if we do confess, “he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

I want to be clean before God. The first step is to see my sin the way God does. Grabbing the broom and doing housecleaning in my heart requires work and a willingness to get into all the corners, cracks and crevices. We will see how dirty we are when this happens, but God is faithful to clean us up if we ask. But first we must…

Grab the broom and kill the spider.

13 thoughts on “Grab The Broom

  1. You are so right in saying that we attempt to cover our sins as a mistake or a “slip-up”. I have seen this so many times in christian circles and yes, in my own life. Once we do “kill the spider”, we wonder why it took us so long. Peace results from obedience to God.

  2. Christy, Thanks for your comment. We do need to be obedient to God. It is hard to do sometimes, but the reward of peace is worth it.

    Jel, Your welcome. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. I ove a good yard sale too..but I like attending much better than actually having my very own…I think I see a spiritual lesson there too…:)
    De cluttering our homes and our lives..such a chore…but so healthy and so wonderful once its done.

  4. Good morning Amy, I just had to by me another broom cause I broke my other one trying to beat all the cobwebs out and kill the ” spiders ” that was causing a disturbance ? Blessings. Ron.

  5. That is such a good post. Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to be in your area around the 24th, but Ron told me you all are going to be away. I was hoping to stick around and come to your church. I’ll have to make it another time.

  6. Beverly, I am so sorry we are going to miss seeing you. Gordon had said you were going to try to come by sometime. Because of the new job I have, I won’t be able to get any vacation time till the fall. Since I have memorial day off, we decided to take off for a long weekend. I hope you can make it another time. Gordon and I would love to meet you in person. Blessings to you.

  7. This was great! I have never heard it put so well. You are a blessing. It is so good to be encouraged to look inwardly at ourselves and see what needs to be cleaned out. Too often in our world people are always looking outwardly. I do believe an inward cleanse would do alot for our world. Each of us taking individual responsibility could be an amazing thing!

  8. Thanks, Dana. I am glad you were encouraged. We all need that. I agree that if we focus more on the inward alot could be accomplished for God. I can’t help but think how much more effective we would be when we go out if we check within first. Blessings!

  9. Sarah, The more I get to know you the more I realize how much we are alike. 🙂 I hate spiders too. The furry, creepy things make my skin crawl. The only good one is a dead one. lol. Thanks for stopping by.

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