Busy, Busy!

The busyness of these last two weeks is beginning to wear on me a bit. Between home, church, family visiting this weekend, and the boys baseball schedule, I have been running around like a wild woman. I appreciate all who have stopped by, dropped a comment, or gave a word of encouragement.

One of my favorite verses is Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.”  This verse has been going around in my mind for the last two weeks.  From time to time we can get weary, but God is our strength and our comfort. When we are down, we can always find encouragement and love in him.

While I am sharing a favorite verse, I feel compelled to share another one. Proverbs 17:22, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” We usually don’t have to look very far to find something to smile, laugh, chuckle, or even “snort” over. I wanted to share something with you that struck me funny.

Hugh Grant, notorious actor extraordinaire, was arrested for assault. Assault with what you ask?  He did not go for the photographer with fists, clubs, or any of the normal assault type weapons.  He threw with grace and poise a can of baked beans at him!  Go figure. Now we around the world need not be afraid in grocery store parking lots.  We can whip out our can of baked beans, and aim for their “noggin”!

Hey, If it’s good enough for Hugh Grant, it’s good enough for me.

8 thoughts on “Busy, Busy!

  1. Amy just think of all the memories you are making with the boys ! When Brett was that age about 25 years ago Cleve Dixon and me made them same memories with our boys and every now and then we still get a good chuckle ! As for as worry about some body assaulting me in parking lot I’ll just turn my 9 pound pomerian puppy with a 100 pound growl lose ! Blessings. Ron.

  2. I saw that story today…it made me chuckle as well. Hey, maybe the photographer was interrupting him in the middle of a barbeque (do they have those in England?)
    Thanks for the encouragement to look for the humor in each day….you are right, if we look for it, we will find it!

  3. Love those verses, Amy! They are so encouraging.

    Well, if someone would throw a can of baked beans at me, I think I would ask him/her to throw me a stove as well, hehe.

    Have a wonderful blessing and enjoy the blessings this weekend and your company! 🙂

    God’s Grace.

  4. Amy, you’re a busy bee!!! But you are busy tending about your Father’s business and you will reap much blessings from Him.

    A can of baked beans? lol. ouch, that’s gotta hurt though!

  5. Ron, Makes me want to get a “Pom” too. 🙂

    Janice, you’re welcome. Huggs to you too.

    Christy, with the two boys I have, you know, I don’t have far to go to find humor. They keep me in stiches on a regular basis.

    Corry, you have the right idea a stove, potato salad, chicken etc. Then everyone can come over and have a party. Whooooooho!

    Thanks, Sarah, for coming by. Hey, I had a thought can of beans and crying like a baby… a new beany baby. Corny, I know. It is monday though. Have a great one.

  6. Beverly, It’s amazing to me how at Thanksgiving people throw frozen turkey for fun and prizes,yet throw a can of baked beans and you get arrested. Go figure. He might have been trying to start his own baked bean or half-baked holiday.lol. Thanks for coming by.

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