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Yeah!  It’s finally Friday.  We made it.  It has been an extremely busy one for me and I am ready for the weekend to kick back with a diet coke and some popcorn, and relax.  I am also planning to see the Cairo High School’s production of Brigadoon.  Before I do however, I wanted to let you know about some great blogs that I have come across in recent days.

My friend, Sarah, over at That I May Know Him  has a wonderful inspirational blog. She shares her heart and life in every post. I have been encouraged and uplifted everytime I have gone to her blog. I have enjoyed her interaction here as well.  She is a person you will want to get to know.

Bro. T. A. Blankenship at Fire and Hammer  shares some great sermons that will draw you closer to our heavenly father.  He has a wealth of knowledge from years of studying the scripture. He uses a verse by verse study and it is very helpful if you need help in understanding a certain passage. Don’t forget to check out his archives. You will be blessed.

Jadasgigi over at Cheryl’s Treehouse  has been a frequent commenter on my blog, and she always adds to the topics we have discussed.  She shares her insight and her life with others and I admire that about her.  She has a darling granddaughter who she shares about often. You must go check out the pictures she shares. (she is such a cutie!)  🙂

Janice at My Place  is a beautiful picture blog.  Janice has a knack for sharing thoughts that  go  so well with the lovely picture she takes and shares.  Her series on the clouds have been interesting to see. (Clouds in the sky not Clouds that you may see lurking around here!)   🙂  Go and check it out you be encouraged.

I have enjoyed immensely the thoughts and challenging questions over at  KC’s blog,  Just So You’ll know.  The articles that he shares stretch the mind and heart. He is an avid student of the Bible and it shows.  You will be encouraged in your walk for Christ and be challenged to walk in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

Last but certainly not least is Beverly at Lacoochee Kid. She shares her life in Florida with us with country charm and enthusiasm for the simple life.  I have enjoyed the articles that she has shared and all the pictures as well. She will bless you and encourage you.

I hope over the weekend you will take the time to check out these sites and take advantage of the wonderful people I have encountered in my short blogging history.

You won’t be disappointed!

8 thoughts on “Blog Updates

  1. Thanks so much for the link! How nice of you!…I’ll look forward to any visitors…and am already checking out some of your other suggested sites…:) Have a great weekend..I love popcorn! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the kindness Amy. You and Gordon are a great blessing to us and I’m humbled to be listed among such as these by one such as you. 😉

  3. Hey Amy, thought I would check in on ya, before, I get back to reading!

    Thank for the link, that was very kind, I go to some of the blog that you have wrote about here, and I think of them as very good friends,
    will have to check the others out ,
    thank you !
    blessings to the Cloud Family 😉

  4. Jadasgigi, you’re welcome. I have enjoyed all your input here. You have blessed me.

    KC, I can say the same thing of you and Corry. You have been a blessing to us as well.

    Janice, Blessings to you too.

  5. Hi Amy,
    Thank you so much for your kind words and for the link. Your blog has done me so much good; I enjoy reading all your posts!
    In Christ,

  6. Amy,
    I didn’t think it had been very long since I was here at your site, and I came over and noticed the wonderful words you spoke of my blog Fire and Hammer. Thank you. I only pray the Lord be glorified in it all.
    Thanks again.
    Bro. Tim A. Blankenship

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