Book Review: Quaker Summer

 In the many facets of our lives we find ourselves at a crossroad of decision. Whichever way we decide to go will ultimately change the way we approach this life. This is the forum in which we find the main character, Heather, in Lisa Samson’s latest book, Quaker Summer.

It is a journey of one being taken out of their comfort zone and truly analyzing “why we do what we do” on a daily basis. It is the process of God taking someone from where they are and shaping them and molding them into the Christian that he wants them to be.

In some ways, some extreme methods were to used to accomplish this purpose. On those each will have to read and decide for yourself.  God has a plan and a purpose for each of us, and how he goes about accomplishing that said plan and purpose may not always be within the realm of what we know. This is a book that promotes change and challenge to the believer. Many today find themselves in a comfortable place and they choose to stay there because it is the easy thing to do.

Quaker Summer was an interesting and challenging read for me. It is the first book that I had read by Lisa Samson. With any book I read there are, of course, things with which I may disagree, however books that cause me to stretch my mind and challenge my heart are worth the effort.  I like her story telling ability, and will read more of her books as I have the opportunity.

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