Construction Zone

Let the blasting begin!

In rezoning our comfort zone to a construction zone, things will have to be restructured. Let’s face it; some things are going to have to be removed or reshaped for the work to continue.

Next door to the place where I work a new apartment complex is going up. I have seen some interesting things being accomplished on the road to building a place that will be a help to many people. The first thing the workers had to do was to prepare the ground. They had to bring in some heavy equipment to remove the debris that would be a hindrance to how the site would be shaped or constructed.  The ground in this case could not stay the way that it was. It had to be changed.

In our construction zone God may have to do some reshaping and reconstructing of some things in us. First, He may have to reshape our mind set. In Romans 12:1, the Bible speaks of “renewing our mind”.  So many times the things I think about God are not always accurate. I may think that I have the way to go about doing something when he may have something totally different in mind. I need to align my thinking with his. In others words, I must listen for his voice and follow his example. In Philippians 2:5, it reads, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus…” He then gives us the example that Jesus gave to us: obedience and subjection to God. and in verse 13, “For it is God who worketh in you both to will and to do his good pleasure.”

Secondly, He may need to reshape our heart. Is there a sin that you can’t let go of?  It could be in the way of your going forward for God. How many times has God wanted to do a work in my heart and I kept getting the way. He may have to pull out the heavy machinery to remove this from us, David in Psalm 51:10 cries, “Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.” There may be something deeply rooted that can only come out by blasting.  When we come to God with a brokenness over our sin, he can begin to work. In verse 17, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.” God wants to use me and you in his kingdom. He is glad when we get out of our comfort zone and into the construction zone. However, there may be some things that we have to do in order to begin this process.

We do need to get up and get moving, yet we need to make sure we are following the leading of the One who began this process. We need to be aware that when we go forward to work in his kingdom there may be some work that he has to do on us, in order for us to be effective in what he has called us to do.

 To be an effective Christian is my heart’s cry. I know there may be things for him to remove, or clean up. I pray that I will be willing to accept the changes He wants to make in me. After all he has done for me, to accept his leadership in my life is the least that I can do.

Let the rezoning continue!

12 thoughts on “Construction Zone

  1. Great post, Amy! That is the crux of it…being willing to accept the changes that God wants to make in our lives. Sometimes that can be a hard task, or so we think, until we follow his leading and realize he really does have us in the palm of his hand.

  2. Great post, and very helpful. We often try to clean out our own lives, only to end up worst than where we started. Only Christ can wash us from all our sins and make us white as snow.

    Amy, I think you’re on fire for the Lord and you’re heating up all those around you!!

  3. Christy, I am so glad he holds me and keeps me. Following Jesus has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. He constantly amazes me.

    Sarah, I would rather keep the sparks flying than be the one to douse the fire. 🙂 He has been working on me lately and opening my eyes to some things. I want so much to make a difference in God’s kingdom. Hey, we can all “fan the flame”. It only takes a spark.

  4. Amy this is another encouraging post? I guess I’ll have to skip church one sunday and you will write about someone else! Sometimes I wonder if God don’t get tired of removing my road blocks? I know he has stood by me and blessed me so much, He is a merciful God! Blessings. Ron. [PS] I don’t think I’ll skip church sunday cause I would be miserable all next week !

  5. Any, yes I am in construction zone! Rezoning is so important in our lives isn’t it? I can so resonate with you here. And I can relate to your heart’s cry to be an effective Christian in all that I do. Thanks for a great post!

  6. Bro. Ron, I know you wouldn’t skip sunday because you are like me. We both would be miserable.:)

    Kitty, thank you so much for your input. You are a blessing to me.

  7. Great article, Amy. The hardest battles fought are those where God is reshaping us. We want to like the way we are and not have to change. Keep it up. It was a blessing to me.

  8. Dad-in-law, You are right; we don’t like change. Change causes us to really look within ourselves, and examine who we really are. Thank you for the encouragement and for the visit. You are welcome anytime.:)

  9. So much truth! I’m always under construction, but that’s better then getting beyond repair! 🙂 With God, we are never beyond repair-His love promises that to us.
    Thank you for stopping by today, I really appreciate your blog and your words of faith.

  10. Amy, these are great posts!

    I don’t think I will ever be out of construction-zone. I am so totally imperfect that I will need to be reconstructed all my life. I trust God to show me what needs to be addressed, tossed out or re-shaped and I am so grateful He does show me, so I can do something about it.

    The main thing for all of us is though, that the foundation is the solid Rock!

    I hope you had a very blessed weekend, dear sis.

    God’s Grace.

  11. Thank God for His great love for us in our weakness. We are desirable to him even in the smallest weakest reach of our heart. He is delighted to fashion the likeness of His son even in our hearts. 🙂

  12. Pat, I agree that we are never beyond repair. I am so glad he takes my small efforts and puts what he can do with it. Thanks for the input in this discussion. You are welcome as always.

    Corry, We do have a solid rock foundation and “our building” needs to continually be worked on. It is like in my own home. When I have worked in one area, I see so many more areas that need to be worked on. I am so glad that God is patient with me, and willing to work on me. It is a process that will last my lifetime. Thank you for your thoughts as always. You are a blessing to me. 🙂

    Rob, Welcome to Byway Blessings! Jesus does know our frailties and loves us with such a great love. Thank you for stopping by. You are welcome anytime.

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