A “1938” Excuse

As I made my trek at lunch time to find my favorite fish sandwich. I encountered a sight that was indeed not a laughing matter. I was in line waiting to approach the counter when a man, two people in front of me, proceeded to berate the cashier for failing to enter his coupon properly and give him the correct change. The problem was the computer not the cashier. This did not matter to the irate man who moved on to blast the cashier even to the point of cursing her.  The cashier entered the information again and apologized repeatedly for the mistake. This did not satisfy him and he told her, “YOU ARE NOT SORRY!” then he laughed at her as though he told a joke worthy of a stand up comedian.  He then moved to his seat to wait for his order.  A short time later, the cashier called his number. When he did not respond, she motioned to him to let him know that his food was ready.  To this he replied, “I don’t know anything about numbers; I was born in 1938.”

I was amazd.  My parents were both born in the early 1930’s, one in 1933 and one in 1934, and neither one of them were purposely rude and they were both good with numbers.  My father graduated from college with a degree in accounting. I also know several elderly people who are so sweet you think they were made from sugar. That just goes to show you people will use anything and everything for an excuse.

Whether you are born in the 1930’s, 1970’s or 1990’s, there is no excuse for rude behavior. I can’t believe what it will take to set people off on a frenzy of excuses to try to cover up rudeness. 

I got my sandwich to go and went to my car before I left the parking lot I checked it. It was not what I ordered. I went back in the restaurant with a smile on my face.  I told the girl what happened and waited for my sandwich to be corrected. I told her it was not a problem when she apologized and told her it was not her fault. (It wasn’t. It was the fault of the guy in the back 🙂 ) I left with a smile. My mother would be proud.

I want to make Jesus proud also. How could I reach out and befriend that girl if I had berated her as the other person did. In the world there is not much friendliness and kindness. They need to see that from those who profess the name of Christ. If you don’t think the people around you are watching what you do, think again.  Are our actions speaking so loud that they can’t hear what we are saying? It’s time to act right. Anyone can talk a good game. I want to be known as a person who takes responsibility for my own behavior.

To quote a very dear friend of mine,”God don’t like ugly!”

8 thoughts on “A “1938” Excuse

  1. Amy you said it well! I believe that every one should carry and attitude of love and a smile on their face? Your character shows Jesus in your actions? Blessings and see you tommorow ? Ron.

  2. Amy,
    Great words. You and Gordon make a good team.
    Rudeness is an awefull disquality in people. I really think that is because it is the easy thing to do. It really takes no thought to be rude. It does take thought to be kind.

  3. Bro. T.A., thank you! I think Gordon and I make a good team too.:) and you are right being rude is the easy thing to do. It is the normal human response. Paul had it pegged correctly when he said the things I want to do I don’t do and the things I shouldn’t do I find myself doing. (A slight paraphrase.) So many times I find myself identifying with Paul. Thanks for your input.

  4. Thanks for your visit to my site. I’ve been reading your husband’s for quite some time, and have met Ron. Now I’m glad to meet you, as well.

    I can’t believe the rudeness of people. There just is no excuse. There are so many nice “old” people. (I’m one of them, old that is) And I hope that may speech will never be rude.

  5. Beverly, Thank you so much for stopping by. I agree with you. I don’t want my speech to be rude either. I pray that as I get older I will get sweeter.:)

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