Heading North

Here I am running around getting ready. I am heading north to Stone Mountain, Georgia for the Annual Georgia Baptist Minister’s Wives’ Retreat. I can’t wait! It is always such a wonderful time of reflection, partaking in succulent cuisine, communing with nature, resting in a beautiful setting and good all around “Chick” fun!!!!!

If you get a bunch of Minister’s Wives together, you never know what will happen. They have promised some neat activities which include: Spa Day(manicure, pedicure, a fashion show and chair massage), Sightseeing, Shopping, Great Singing by Pure Joy, and Speaker, Carol Ann Draper. Let’s give a big Woooohoooo to all things that begin with “S”! Woooooohooooooo! Great job everyone!

So Long till Saturday! I hope you all will understand my absence. I will post some pictures next week and give you a full report. Well, maybe not a full report. Maybe a half full report. 🙂

This South Georgia Girl is heading North.

Stone Mountain may never be the same!

9 thoughts on “Heading North

  1. Amy wishing you a safe and refreshing trip!I just wanted to know did you leave Bro Gordon an understandable {to do} list and caution the boys to stay out of the mud puddles ? You know what happened last time ? Gods Blessings ! Ron.

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