Weekend Fun!

Yeah, it’s Saturday. I am ready to kick back and have some fun. Clean house and laundry fun! 😉

It always seems I have so many things to catch up with on the weekend. So if you are like me you like to find things to make life a little easier and cut down on the workload.

So today I thought I would share with you a couple of time saving tips to help your house and household run like a champ.

*Put alumimum foil under the pad of your ironing board. It cuts down on ironing time.

*If you run out of dryer sheets, you can spray liquid fabric softener on a wash cloth and use it instead.

*Cut down the clutter. I have been working on this in my own household. There are lots of helpful books on this very topic.

*Put a hook near the sink to hang your watch and rings on while you wash dishes or do kitchen things. You also will be able to find it when it’s time to go.

Maybe  you have your own creative idea or tip. Feel free to share one. We all need the help in making our household a great place to live.  Then you might be able to get away for a little while and enjoy the quietness of a park or a hike with your kids.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Go have some fun.

6 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!

  1. Thanks for tips I will add them to my to do list? Now if I can explain it correctly and get my new little pomeranian dog to helping me I could have more extra time read blogs more? Blessings and see you tommorow ! RON.

  2. 5 minutes to clean your blinds:
    run hot water in the bathtub with oxiclean. Put blind in, let stand for a minute, rinse through the oxiclean for a few, take it out. Rinse with cold water, set it on side to let excessive water run off and hang! You don’t even have to dry them off completely and it works great!

    God’s Grace.

  3. Ron, If you train your dog to clean house, Please leave the tip here. Maybe I can convince George to be useful as well.

    Corry, Thanks for the great tip. I have some blinds that need cleaning right now. I will try it.

    Dana, I am so glad you came by. I glad we could help.

    Kitty, welcome, and thanks for your comment. I enjoyed visiting your blog also.

    Jel, I had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping in. You are always welcome!

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