The Big Deal

One of the new shows that my boys and I have been enamored with is “Deal or No Deal?”. It airs on Monday Nights at 8:00 p.m.. It is very exciting to be watching something with them that we both enjoy. You can only watch so many animated films before you begin to dream of “Bambi and Thumper” bounding through the woods, or  “Cars-Lightning McQueen and Mater” on the race track. So on Monday Nights we sit and cheer as people open cases at the number of their choice and do the crazy things people do on their way to winning fame and fortune. My youngest even does a happy dance, which he holds his hands over his head and jumps in a circular fashion, when the deal is accepted and money is awarded.

The other night a man was having a great run.  He worked his way up to being offered the highest amount of money I had seen in the short time I had been watching the show. It was $198,000. Gordon, the boys and I  were watching in anticipation as he was asked by Howie, “Deal or No Deal”. My youngest hollered, “He’s going to take it!”  The man looked at his family, he listened to the roar of the crowd, he looked at the board where he viewed the $1,000,000 and said,”No Deal”.  What made this man turn down that much money?

Now I don’t know about you, but I think I might be able to do a lot with $198,000.  I could tithe first, of course.  I could pay off some things. I could put away some money for my kids college fund. OK, who am I kidding. I would also go and by a couple of new outfits including shoes.:)

What caused this man to keep going when all of that was at stake?  He got greedy. Needless to say after turning down this offer, he began a downward spiral until he finally agreed to a considerably lower sum than before. 

 Life lessons come at some surprising times.

I was able to show my boys what happens when we fail to be content.  Greed can show itself when we least expect it. The Bible says that whatsoever state I am in I need to be content.  Living a life of contentment lowers our stress level. It keeps us from comparing ourselves and being jealous of the neighbors next door. I also think it makes God smile when we are happy with what he has chosen to give to us.

I examined my own heart. How often am I truly content? Well, I wish I could say that every time I was faced with the issue of contentment verses greed I chose contentment, but  that would not be accurate. I want to be content. I think if more people were content with what they have, the crime rate would probably go down considerably.

Are you listening to your family, the crowd, or anyone else? or Are you listening to the still small voice who gives us what we need for each day?

“Deal or No Deal?” It’s all up to you!

14 thoughts on “The Big Deal

  1. Amy,
    This is a subject that I think about quite frequently…always examining myself to make sure that I am content with all that has been given to me. Sometimes I actually think that if I just had the basics to live, that would make me the most content. I would be reliant on God for everything and not try to hang onto those “luxuries”. But I also believe that we can use self-control in those temptations to be greedy. God has given us that and more as a believer in Christ. I think the only choice we have is to listen to that still small voice. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Amy this is well wrote and something we all need to think about! When I had to go on disability retirement I was cut 2/3’s of what I was used to making each month! But I will say that I was deep down in my thoughts and I prayed about it everyday and ask the Lord to show me a way to survive and you know I can say that I am truly blessed with all my needs! You remember the little school prayer we learned to say at lunch time ” God is great and God is good let us thank Him for our food amen ” is still as powerful today as it was over 40 years ago ? Blessing to you ! RON.

  3. Christy, I found a quote the other day that has been on my mind, “God always speaks to those who take time to listen.” I am listening for him, too.

    Ron, I checked out the new blog. I am glad to have you around.

  4. wow that was good, so true too, so many voices are out there vying for our attention and sometimes we do look to the left or to the right and don’t keeps our eyes on Him. This post is a great reminder to be aware of who we are listening to and where we are headed, it is so so easy to get off course and yes not be content. I am amazed at the people who camped out at local stores at Christmas time and even got into fights over an xbox, how weird is that? Well, thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back to yours, yours

  5. Dana, thanks for stopping by. You spoke of the craziness at Christmas. On the day after Thankgiving a lady I go to church with was knocked down and stepped on at Wal-Mart waiting for the section on portable DVD to open. The police stepped in and had to keep people off of her. She was knocked out and people were still pulling DVD players out from under her. It boggles the mind. Thanks for your input in the discussion. 🙂

    Dionna, Thanks for saying, Hi! I hope you have a great day.

  6. Amy in the next to last phrase where you ask who we were listening to, I’m listening to “anyone else” that will enlighten my poor starving soul for more understanding of Gods Word? I’m already listening to the small whispers each day! Thanks for stopping by my new blog. See you at church tommorow! Blrssings ! RON.

  7. Great quote, Amy. Thanks for sharing!

    I definitely believe that we must make our fellowship with God an ongoing action that we take moment by moment and day by day. What an awesome thought to know that we have that type of a relationship with Him!

  8. Ron, what I meant by that phrase is that many times we listen to everyone else rather than God.
    The busyness of life and everyone grabbing for our attention may cause us not to stop and listen to Him. See you tommorrow!

    Christy, He has shown me recently how important it is to fellowship with Him, too. The more I fellowship with God; He shows me how much more time I need with Him.

  9. there u have it just like a card game.if people would take there hand of cards that god deals them an play them rite. they could see all god is blessing them with no matter what cards u hold it is all in gods plan for u . great post have a blessed day

  10. Thanks, jacr02, for stopping and by. In the society in which we live people are driven to gain more and more. You’re right. We need to be thankful for what he gives to us.

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